Ramayana Sapthaham – 07 Aug to 14 Aug, 2019


Vaishaka Utsavam and Aarattu – 16 May to 25 May 2019


Vaikunta Ekadesi – Dec 19th 2018


Sarpa Puja – Sunday, Nov 11, 2018

Such a Day, when the Serpents come to [...]

The Green Surroundings of the Temple

The Greening of [...]

Bhagavatha Sapthaham Aug 29th to Sep 05 2018

  Among the 18 ancient Puranas that are known today, the most important is Srimad Bhagavatha Purana, that is woven around Sri Krishna - and is [...]

Events in August 2018 – Vaavu Bali and Illam Nira

Karkidaka  Vavu Bali -  Aug 11, 2018 at Kachamkurissi Temple Grounds.   Karkidaka Vavu Bali is a ritual performed by Hindus to honour their  [...]

Kachamkurissi in the News

Read PS Mini's Informative Article about Kachamkurissi in Kanyaka [...]

Ramayana Sapthaham 21 Jul to 28 Jul, 2018

Karkkidakam (July-August), the last month of the Malayalam calendar,is a month of dark clouds and heavy rain. In a traditionally agrarian society,  this month [...]

‘Thiruvonam Oottu’ – Annadaanam on Thiruvonam Nakshatra Days

'One who gives food gives all that is worth giving in this world.'     Annadaanam is conducted on all Thiruvonam days, the Nakashtra of Sri Maha [...]