Thiru-Kachamkurissi Mahavishnu Temple, an ancient place of worship, is situated at the foot of the Nelliampathy hills of the Aanamalai range of the Western Ghats, in the village of Payyalur, edging the township of Kollengode, in Kerala. Located at a triangle with Palakkad (Kerala) and Pollachi (Tamil Nadu), life in this area typifies that of a frontier town, at the crossroad of two cultures.

The place name ‘Payyalur’ has its origins in the Dravidian words ‘Py’ (green), ‘Ayal’ (surroundings), and ‘Ur’ (land) – land of the green surroundings. Centuries earlier, before the trees had receded, this shrine was situated deep within the midst of a forest, in a land referred to in legend as ‘Gnanaranyam’- the Forest of Understanding. Even today, large parts of Payyalur still remain green and pastoral.


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Address:     Thiru-Kachamkurissi Maha Vishnu Temple, Payyalur, Kollengode, Palakkad Dist., Kerala 678506

Nearest Railway Station:     Palakkad Junction (30 kms) – with Taxi and Bus links

Nearest Airport:     Coimbatore (90 kms) – with Taxi/Bus links. Train connections available from Palakkad

Bus Station:     Kollengode Main Bazaar (3kms from Temple – Auto and Taxi services available)

Hotels:     Comfortable Accomodation with 4 Star Facilities available at 6 Kms from TempleRange of Hotels available at  Palakkad  (25 kms)