Karkkidaka (Ramayana) Maasa Pujas and Vavu Bali – 16 Jul to 16 Aug 2022

‘Karkkidakam’ (Jul-Aug), the last month of the Malayalam calendar is a month of dark clouds and heavy rain.  In a traditionally agrarian society, this month is considered to be a period of scarcity. In order to get over this period of darkness, it has been customary in households to recite the Ramayana, on a daily basis in front of a ‘Deepam’. Like-wise, Pujas and readings are an intrinsic part of temple activity during this month – giving ‘Karkkidakam’ the distinction of being referred to as ‘Ramayana Maasam’.

Karkkidaka ‘Vavu Bali’ corresponding to the Tamilian ‘Aadi Amavasya’ is also part of this month.

Special Pujas for Ramayana Maasam

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Vavu Bali Tharpanam

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Ritual of Bali Tharpanam in progress