Carnatic Music Performance Jan 18, 2018

Evening 5 PM onwards at the Temple [...]

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Sarpa Puja – Nov 12, 2017

Propitiation of the Serpent [...]

Deepavali Vaavu – Oct 19, 2017

Media Report and Photographs of Deepavali [...]

Vidyarambham – Sep 30, 2017

      Vidyarambham (Sanskrit: विद्यारम्भम्) is a Hindu tradition observed on Vijayadashami day, where children are [...]

Bhaagavada Sapthaham Sep 12, 2017

  'Bhaagavada Sapthaham’ is a narration and explanation of the contents of Srimad Bhaagavadam.  This narration, done by a learned scholar over a period of seven [...]

Illam Nira

  ‘Illam Nira’, a ceremony that is part of the harvest festivities of Kerala, is celebrated in temples during the Malayalam month of Karkkidakam ( July – [...]

Naveekarana Kalasam 2017 – Photo Views

Rituals conducted under the guidance of the Temple's Tantris - Andaladi Mana Brahmashri Sankaran Nambudiripad & Kariyanoor Mana Brahmashri Vasudevan [...]

Bhagavathi Sevas – Naveekarana Kalasam 2017


Renovations to the Temple

Preparation for the Naveekarana [...]

Kachamkurissi in the News

Manorama Arogya Maasika  - Dec [...]

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