Offerings (Vazhipaads) that can be made at both the main shrine and the sub-shrines are listed below:

  • The main shrine is that of Maha Vishnu, flanked by Bhoodevi and Sridevi
  • The Sub-shrines house the Upadevas – Ganapathy, Sastha and Siva
  • There is also a Sarpa Kavu

Payments for Vazhipaads may be sent as follows:

Money Order/Cheque/Draft:    To be written favour ‘Fit Person – Thiru-Kachamkurissi Devaswom’ and addressed to Thiru-Kachamkurissi Temple, Payyalur, Kollengode, Palakkad District, Kerala – 678 506

Direct Bank Transfer:  Account Name: Fit Person, Thirukachamkurissi Devaswom

Canara Bank, Kollengode Branch

S/B Account No. 1317 101011283      IFSC Code  CNRB 0001317

Please Click on any of the listings below, for information about the relevant Vazhipaad:

(In the event Prasadam is required to be mailed to you, an extra amount of Rs. 10 should be added to the Vazhipaad cost and sent along with the Vazhipaad amount)


Archanas & Pushpanjalis  
Pushpanjali Rs. 10
Sahasranama Archana Rs. 15
Sookta Pushpanjali Rs. 15
Sudarshana Archana Rs. 15
Vilakku, Enna, Mala, Niramala  
Nei Vilakku Rs. 10
Enna Vilakku Rs. 10
Undamala Rs. 20
Aadiya Enna Rs. 20
Pinn Vilakku (Siva) Rs. 50
Neeranjanam (Sastha) Rs. 70
Deepasthambam Theliyikkal Rs. 200
Niramala Rs. 300
One Day’s Nei Vilakku Rs. 1000
Niramala including Mandapam Rs. 1000
Navarathri Niramala ( Per Day) Rs. 1000
Chittu Vilakku including Niramala Rs. 1750
Dhara ( Siva) Rs. 40
Paal Abhishekam Rs. 50
Kalabha Abhishekam Rs. 15000
Avil or Malar Nivedeyam Rs. 10
Thrimaduram Rs. 20
Thattu Nivedyam Rs. 30
Nei Payasam Rs. 50
Ottayappam Rs. 50
Nei Appam (7) Rs. 50
Kadumadura Payasam Rs. 80
Paal Payasam Rs. 80
Idichupizhinja Payasam Rs. 100
Avil Nivedyam ( Anjaneya) Rs. 100
One Day’s Nivedyam Rs. 250
Paalpanthirazhy Rs. 5000
Homams and Sevas  
Ganapathy Homam Rs. 100
Kruka Homam Rs. 150
Bhagavath Seva Rs. 200
Mruthunjaya Homam Rs. 300
Ganapathy Homam + Bhagavath Seva Rs. 300
Special Pujas  
Vahana Puja Rs. 50
Ayilya Puja (Sarpa Kavu ) Rs. 200
Brahmarakshas Puja Rs. 250
Lakshmi Narayana Puja Rs. 250
Uma Maheshwara Puja Rs. 250
Thrikala Puja Rs. 500
One Day’s Puja Rs. 1000
Vazhipaad  for Wedding Anniversary Rs. 1000
Vazhipaad for Birthday Rs. 1000
Vazhipaad for Children’s Well-being Rs. 1000
Udhayasthamana Puja Rs. 20000
Noorum Paalum ( Sarpa Kavu) Rs. 40
Kalabha Charthu ( Ganapathy) Rs. 500
Pattu Charthal ( Except Items) Rs. 50
Choroon Rs. 150
Kalyanam Rs. 350
Thondiyum Kayarum Nadaikkal Rs. 100
Annadaanam Click on ‘Updates’ page for details