Pratishta Dinam Kalababhishekam – 30 May 2023

On 30 May, 2023, which is to be celebrated as ‘Pratishta Dinam’ a lush and cooling ‘Kalababhishekam’ will be performed, on the Abhisheka Murthy of Kachamkurissi Maha Vishnu. Devotees are invited to visit the temple on this sacred day and witness this fragrant ceremony.

The ‘Kalabhishekam’ will be performed by the temple’s Tantri during ‘Ucha Puja’ time (0930 -1030) and can be observed through the northern window that has a direct side-view of the Abhisheka Murthy. Kindly ‘Q’ up to view the same … and take away some of the aromatic Prasadam.


Please 'Q' up in front of the Northern Window in order to view


Indian Sandalwood is considered a sacred tree and is known in Sanskrit as ‘Chandanam’.  These small trees, with glossy green leaves and tiny scarlet flowers, are related to mistletoe and live off the roots of other trees. The harvested wood is yellowish, fine-grained, very aromatic, and, unlike other woods, has the distinction of retaining its prized fragrance for decades.

The fragrant and sweet-smelling paste of sandalwood is used in the veneration of Gods, especially in the worship of Krishna and Vishnu; for in Hindu mythological lore it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides in the Sandalwood tree.

 ‘Chandanam’ is prepared by grinding small blocks of the wood by hand, on special granite slabs, made for this purpose. Preparation of the paste is normally entrusted to priests, when used in temples during rituals. It is then distributed to devotees who apply it to their foreheads.

The thick sweet-smelling Chandanam is further fragranced by the infusion of pure saffron, karpuram and rose-water, and in the process, becomes ‘Kalabham’, the magnificent substance that, on 30 May, 2023 (Pratishta Dinam) will be used in the Abhishekam of Kachamkurissi Perumal.

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