Utsavam & Arattu – 12 May to 21 May 2022

The  Vaishaka Utsavam and Arattu of Thirukachamkurissi Perumal was  held between 12th and 21st May 2022, after a gap of two years, due to the pandemic.

As a result of this break in tradition, Prayaschithams – as directed by the Tantris – preceded  the  Utsavam.
A Festival Committee was  tasked with conducting the Prayaschithams and the Utsavam – an onerous mission, considering the finances of the temple had suffered greatly due to consistent Covid curbs in the area.
A host of special packages were created to tide over this crisis, and it was the hope of the Committee that the devotees of Perumal would, as always,  generously offer sponsorship for the various events, and thus play an axial role in the 10 day event.
The Committee was especially  happy to receive smaller contributions from devotees, for it was precisely  the abundance of such interest that heightened the energies of the festival and flooded it with joy  – inspite of the thoroughly inclement weather!

Arattu Day

Pre-Dawn - Palli Unathal
Manjal Neerattu
Early Evening - Arattu Procession proceeds with Panchavadhyam towards Kadavu
Kadavu Puja at Twilight
A Rainy Arattu Dip for Perumal
Parra Edukkal - Last bow by the Trustee


Pallivetta procession enroute to Kollengode Town
Procession enters the Gates towards Sree Murthy Bhagavathy Temple
Maha Vishnu Perumal meets and greets Sree Murthy Bhagavathy
Thidambu Puja at Ayyappan Kavu



Beautifully decorated Kodimaram
Brahmashree P.Parameswaran Nambudiripad of Andaladi Mana hoists the Utsavam flag, assisted by Shree Narayanan Nambudiripad
Utsavam Flag flies over Thiru Kachamkurissi