Kanni Ayilyam Puja – 02 Oct 2021

     Ayilyam Puja amount : Rs 300

Ayilyam Nakshatra (or ‘Ashlesha’) is the 9th Star among the 27 birth stars in the Indian Zodiac. This day  is considered highly auspicious for the performance of rituals in connection with the worship of Nagas, or the Serpent Gods.

Why is Ayilyam so ‘connected’ to serpents? 

Lakshmana, the brother of Sri Rama, is considered to  be the incarnation of the 1000-headed serpent, Ananta, on whom reclines Maha Vishnu. Lakshmana’s birth star was Ayilyam, and based on this, devotees offer pujas on this days to the Nagas.

Abhishekam with milk,water and coconut water is performed on this day to the Naga prathishtas – and prayers offered for fertility, freedom from infectious diseases and from skin ailments.

Though Ayilyam nakshatra falls every month, the most important of the Ayilayam pujas is in the Malayalam month of Kanni (Sep/Oct)

In this time of pandemic, come and pay obeisance at the Serpent Kavu of Thiru Kachamkurissi Temple.

(Information sourced from Sri.Easwaran on the world-wide web)