Vaishaka Utsavam & Arattu 20 May to 29 May 2024

Pre-Utsavam Rituals - Prasadashuddhi, Homams & Kalashabhishekam

Holy water, sanctified for the Kalashabhishekam
Temple's Tantri Andaladi Shri Unni Nambudiripad, and the Thirumenis, circumambulating the temple with the Kalasam water
Priests entering the Sreekovil with the sanctified items of worship

Acharya Varanam ('Sankalpam') & Kodiyettam

Acharya Varnam by Trustee Shyam Prasad Thampan, Vengunad Kovilakom
Kodimara Puja ( Andaladi Shri Unni Nambudiripad)
Prayerful Devotees
Temple's Tantri, Andaladi Shri Unni Nambudiripad gets ready to hoist the Utsavam Flag. CLICK on picture for video short clipping courtesy Vishnu Nair
Utsavam Flag flies high over Kachamkurissi

Daily Seevelis and Niramala

A sampling of the Numerous Cultural Programs and Performances

(Left) Arangetram of Committee President A.Santhan Menon (at age 74!) under the expert tutelage of his Guru, the famous Melam exponent Vadhya Kulothaman Panagiattiri Mohanan (Right)
Classical Violin - by Kumar Vishnu Nair
Thiruvathira Kali &Kolattam by Kachamkurissi Troupe
The Classical Temple Art of Chakiyar Koothu - Shri G. Abhijosh, Cheruthuruthy
Scintillating Carnatic 'Paattu Kutchery' by Kumari Anjana Ravi
Kathakali by PSV Natya Sangham - Story- Santhanagolam.

Utsavam 2024 - A Side Story

Of the 10 days of the Utsavam, it rained incessantly for 8 days. The Rituals were largely within the temple, so no one minded the slushy grounds outside. However, as the 9th day approached, hearts sank and a thousand prayers rose to the heavens – the ceremonies and processions on the 9th and 10 days were in the open air; a ‘Pallivetta’ procession, including elephants and percussion, to Kollengode town; and Arattu day itself, Pooram style, with the Holy Dip of Perumal at the Kadavu.

It was a test of faith. And a call for proof of Devotion.

By early evening of the 9th day, the skies cleared – and Perumal held up his divine umbrella for the faithful to experience his sojourn from Payyalur to Kollengode

And it turned out to be a pleasant and dry Arattu, with milling crowds of spectators and devotees !



Buoyed by the sudden gift of fair weather, the Pallivetta stridesforward 'in full force'
Melam at the Sree Murthy Bhagavathy Temple
(Above and Below) Temple Tantri Andaladi Shri Kunju Thirumeni and Shri Narayanan Thirumeni prepare the Namaskara Mandapam for the late night "Palli Urakkal' ceremonyl

Arattu day Functions

Considered the most important ritual of the Utsavam, 'Manjal Neerattu' involves 'waking' Perumal from His night's repose in the Namaskara Mandapam, bathing his Utsava Murthy in Turmeric water and adorning Him.
Bright 'Kodikuras' float gaily in celebration of fine weather
Procession makes it's way towards the Kadavu
(Above and Below) Priests gather around the Tantri as he prepares for the sacred dip
A crowd of devotees await the sacred dip
CLICK on picture for 'Aradikkal' Ritual Courtesy AJAY PRABHAKAR
Perumal's return to the temple
An unexpected shower of fireworks herald the end of the Arattu functions
May Perumal bless you and be with you all the days of your life !!

The Trustees convey their heartfelt Thanks to the Utsava Committee for their efforts through searing heat conditions and depressing rainy weather - to make Arattu 2024 a resounding success !