Illam Nira


‘Illam Nira’, a ceremony that is part of the harvest festivities of Kerala, is celebrated in temples during the Malayalam month of Karkkidakam ( July – August ) and  is considered to be a tribute to nature. As part of the ‘Illam Nira’ ceremony, freshly reaped paddy spikes are brought into the temple, and special pujas are performed in honour of this gift of the earth. ‘Illam Nira’ is symbolically representative of a good harvest – a harvest where houses are filled with grain, right up to the next season. 

( Extracted and adapted from ‘Kerala Rekhakal’ by VS Moni )


Melshanthi Gopinathan Nambudiri and Keezhshanthi Unni Krishnan Nambudiri – eager to commence the ceremony


The procession circumambulating the temple


The paddy spikes being brought into the temple


The Puja