Bhaagavada Sapthaham Sep 12, 2017


‘Bhaagavada Sapthaham’ is a narration and explanation of the contents of Srimad Bhaagavadam.  This narration, done by a learned scholar over a period of seven days, is often a part of the temple festivals of Kerala.

The Bhaagavadam is reputed to have been composed and compiled by Sage Vyasa, under the direction of his spiritual master Narada Muni.  Vyasa  later imparted this work to his son Suka Brahma Rishi.

At the behest of Maharaja Parikshit, who was cursed to die within a week, Suka Brahma Rishi recited the entire Bhaagavadam to him, in an assembly of learned sages who were seated on the banks of the  river Ganga.

Parikshit had renounced his entire kingdom, to fast until his death, and receive spiritual enlightenment.

In response to the various questions raised by the Maharaja – topics that ranged from the Nature of the Self, to the origin of the Universe, Suka Brahma Rishi held the assembly of sages in rapt attention through the final seven days of Maharaja Parikshit’s life.

Following this pattern, a recital of the Bhaagavadam is traditionally performed as ‘Sapthaham’ – or a reading for seven days.


               Scenes from the Bhaagavada Sapthaham conducted at Kachamkurissi Temple from Sep 12, 2017

Yajnya Achaaryan Sri Ramani Swamy ( Right )


Rapt Audience at a Prabhaashanam